Hemorrhoids Articles

Pardon My Frontal Lobes

Little old ladies aren't sweet. Neither are little old men. New research shows they are much more likely than young people to say tactless things in public, from inquiring after their friends' hemorrhoids to telling them they have gained weight.

Mitchell Library Steps

Can you really get hemorrhoids (aka piles) from sitting on cold concrete? Recently, I decided to test the theory by sitting on the steps of the Mitchell Library for a day.

Bed Sore

Getting people into hospital quickly is important, reports Mark Ragg . But the key to doing that is getting them out on time, too. ACCESS block is one of those medical terms we wish we'd never learnt, like hemorrhoids, malignant and gastroscopy. But too many people now know..read more

Clinic's Radical Treatment 'risky'

A Sydney medical centre offering "walk-in walk-out" cures for hemorrhoids is using unproven and risky techniques on patients, warns the Colorectal Surgical Society of Australia. The society has handed complaints about the Proctology Centre of Australia to the Royal Australasian College

Blazing Saddles Revisited

Jockeys' riding tactics, travelling arrangements, general fitness and even hemorrhoids were put under scrutiny by AJC stewards yesterday. Broadmeadow-based Paul Falvey was the only real casualty, but Darryl McLellan was told he looked as fit as a "Mallee Bull" even though he was on th